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Time slows down; I wish you’d stay

Pass me by in crowded, dark hallways

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10 September 1990
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Better looking profile will come soon. Maybe in a few months haha.
8 simple rules, a.j cook, alchemy, alyssa milano, anime, athrun zala, avatar the last airbender, babysitting, basements, bethany-joy lenz, black hayate, books, bowling for soup, bubble tea, camisado!, canada, cellphone, chaos x iris, charmed, cherry blossoms, cities, coding, coldplay, colorbars, computer, cookies, cows, cramming, csi, csi:miami, csi:ny, dancing penguins, deviantart, digital art, doukemeki, ed/winry, eina, eliza dushku, eyeglasses, fall out boy, fanfiction, flowers, fma, freeverse poetry, friends, friendster, full metal alchemist, fullmetal alchemist, graphics, grey's anatomy, gundam seed, guns, harry potter, heroes tv, hilarie burton, hiro nakamura, historical fiction, historical romances, holly marie combs, hydrangaeas, icons, jack's mannequin, joseph priestly, kaley cuoco, kira/lacus, kurogane, larg, layouts, libraries, loki x fenris, louise, louise's whip, manga, markers, mcdonalds, mokona=modoki, mp3s, muffins, music, mystery novels, mythology, on and on, one tree hill, opm, panic! at the disco, penguins, philippines, photography, photoshop, prose, ragnarok manwah, rainy days, riza hawkeye, rose mcgowan, roy mustang, royai, saito, sandra bullock, sara irene, sarcasm, scribbles n such, slaving over websites, socks, soel, something corporate, sophia bush, squee, squee-ing, stories with no sense, stuffed animals, sunny days, surrealism, the flame alchemist, tomoyo, tomoyo daidouji, tostitos, tostitos with salsa dip, travelling the world, tru calling, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, tulips, u2, vectoring, vectors, war literature, watanuki, website design, world domination, writing, xd, xxxholic, yellowcard, you!, yuuko, zero no tsukaima

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