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What Boredom Leads To

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I’m often bored, even more so this summer due to unemployment, and I’m usually always unable to sleep because I’ve been doing nothing. I think I’m going to try to just take a 2 hour nap today and get on with my life. I need to mail things. Anyways, I recently had to reformat my computer because I tinkered with it to the point that I may have done something with my pre-installed drivers. My laptop was freaking out and I was not excited about that. So with a newly reformatted computer comes a blank slate of a computer.

So here’s what I did:

  I debated using a dock, but ugh those things annoy me. I settled for a VisualStyle-d Windows 7 theme, instead.

What I used:

  • Rainmeter – What is Rainmeter? It’s an application launcher, basically. It’s wonderful and I love it. My laptop’s fairly fast, but if you’re impatient like I am, you can set it to not run at startup.
  • Enigma is a theme for Rainmeter made by Kaerli. It’s one of the most popular themes for Rainmeter because it’s easily customizable, has a lot of features and is visually really pleasing to the eyes. You can even have the choice of having 1 or 2 sidebars and a taskbar! You have so much choices, believe me, you’ll spend a lot of time customizing this to suit your needs!
  • Elune VisualStyle by mihntrimatix. It’s really not that visible on that screenshot, but I’m using this kick-ass theme for my Windows. I can’t say anything else other than this is a gorgeous theme. I didn’t want to edit the files needed to edit the Start button, but it’s still pretty nice, yeah?
  • Token (Light) Icons by brsev. Don’t they look pretty on my taskbar? Yeah? Thought so. The Rainmeter icon seemed to fit in with the pack, so I guess it was meant to be!
  • castle. by alais-photography. I love castles. I think it’s because of Harry Potter about to end, but there’s something almost magical about this. It works well with everything else, hey?

Apparently, boredom leads to me spending a lot of time on dA. Hope I’ve inspired someone to customize!

Royai, duh.


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That’s basically my summer so far. The only movements I make is to get food and go back to either my chair or my bed. Needless to say, I have expanded to the size of a whale… in a body of a tiny Asian 20 year old. Why, you ask, am I not active this summer? Well for starters, I’m unemployed. So painfully unemployed. But I digress, good lord, am I really 20? I’m turning 21! Holy peach mango pies!

I haven’t even read most of the books I bought and am now rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which is probably a huge mistake. Anyways, I am tired from that trip to Tukwila to go eat at Chowking, so here’s a bunch of pictures because I was more motivated to Photoshop than to type.









I’m kind of proud of that Storm Trooper (?) picture. Yeah. Well. I guess I can say that instead of working like a dog, I get to enjoy life and play Maple Story? Yeah? Sounds good to me.

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Review: 21

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21 I can’t sleep, as usual, so I’ve decided to review Adele’s newest album, 21. Now, I normally don’t review anything, so if this isn’t helpful, well then, I apologize. Moving on, Rolling in the Deep is one of my new favourite songs because not only is it angry, but the singer has a really excellent voice (and vocal range?)!

A little history on this album, the internet tells me that Adele’s inspiration for 21 was her break-up with her boyfriend. Pain is normally one of the things that inspires people to create something as an expression, but sometimes, people just do it wrong. I’ve listened to my fair share of angry/sad songs and not all of them are stellar. Either the lyrics are just too pathetic or the singer just can’t sing. Filipino songs are normally always talking about heartbreak, but that’s for another post on another day. I’m getting sidetracked.

Anyways, I absolutely adore this album. Let’s review the songs in it, shall we? (Also, I didn’t promise to be eloquent in this review, so apologies again.)


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The Necessity of Washrooms

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Recently, my roommates and I have explored the lovely world of looking for a place to rent for the 2011-2012 school year. For the past two years we all have been living in our university’s residence and to say that we’re spoiled by the amenities that come with this. Here’s a list:

  1. Don’t feel like going to class? Fine, go home. Take a nap in your private bedroom as opposed to the student lounges available on campus.
  2. Woke up late? Don’t worry, you can still make it.
  3. Forget something? No worries, you can easily run home.
  4. No need to furnish your place. It’s all there already. On the downside, you’re stuck with horrible looking furniture. My current residence apartment apparently likes the colour green. It’s very obvious and so very gross.
  5. Bills? No bills needed. Everything’s in that lovely (although overpriced) residence bill they charge you at the beginning of the year.


  1. The price/room is already expensive as it is, but you have to factor in food, cable and the over expensive parking fee.
  2. Noise. There’s always someone banging the goddamn walls as they walk down the hallway.

It all boils down to location or bang for our buck. We’ve decided so far that we would like to get more space for cheaper with the addition of an actual commute. Really, we should stop being pansies and commute like everyone else in the school does. The car’s here anyway, it’s good for the lovely winter driving.

Anyways as I’ve been looking at houses, the older ones have three bedrooms and 1 bathroom. I’m sorry but how are 3 girls supposed to survive with that? Especially if we have similar schedules and need to bathe or something all at the same time? No, not going to happen. I want 2 bathrooms, I”ll consider a 1.5 if the house is really nice.


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Sleepless in the Prairies.

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When I was younger my parents would always make me take afternoon naps, siestas. I never understood why, but I learned recently that since the hours between 12 noon and 3 in the afternoon were the hottest times of day, taking a siesta was feasible because you couldn’t do anything else.

Fast forward to say about 15 years later. Siestas? Yeah sure, maybe because it’s too cold outside and I have no motivation to do anything else so I’ll take a nap. Obviously, this now means that I am unable to sleep at 1:35 AM. I have five classes tomorrow with no breaks in the middle. I may need some caffeine.

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Crossposting Sticky

As of August 16, 2007, all my Antipatica entries will be cross-posted to this LiveJournal blog. Why? I have no intentions of leaving my LJ, that's all. Those entries will have disabled commenting, by the way. Feel free to read them and leave my a comment over at my domain/blog/wtvr.

With that being said, I declare this Livejournal selectively-public. Only crossposted entries will be public and the ones typed directly from LJ will still be friends-only.

Feel free to tell me if I'm spamming your flist way too much with the crossposts, lmao.

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I have more time to watch movies now.

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It’s true, I really do have more time to watch movies now than ever. All along, I thought I wouldn’t have time once I get in university, but man was I wrong. Sure, there’s more essays, more homework, higher expectations, more money needed, but there’s also less school time. I’ve gone from a 30-35 hour school week plus work to a 14.5 school week. Yeah, crazy. I’m also broke, but that’s for a different blog entry.

I also live in residence. Fortunately, my friends all brought DVD’s from home so I get to watch and rewatch movies! I’m just going to list them all to see how much I’ve watched over the span of 2 and a half months.

  1. He’s Just Not That Into You
  2. Another Cinderella Story
  3. John Tucker Must Die
  4. Crash
  5. Valkyrie*
  6. American Pie 1
  7. Kill Bill 1*
  8. Kill Bill 2*
  9. The Shining
  10. Land of Women
  11. Night in the Museum 1
  12. My Super Ex-Girlfriend
  13. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  14. Hairspray
  15. The Producers*
  16. Chicago*
  17. Love, Actually
  18. Russell Peters: Outsourced
  19. The Gamer**
  20. Fame**
  21. Neon Genesis Evangelion***
  22. Gigantic
  23. (500) Days of Summer*
  24. Taken
  25. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  26. Black Snake Moan
  27. Y Tu Mama Tambien
  28. Head On
  29. Extract**
  30. Couples Retreat**
  31. Bewitched
  32. Casino Royale
  33. The Holiday

* – movies I’ve already seen before
** – movies I watched in the theatres
*** – I’ve seen it before and it was shown in the theatres as a movie

I find this impressive because I would have never watched as much if I stayed in Vancouver. That’s a lot of movies. Wow.

Royai, duh.

Well, isn’t this silly?

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So I am in university as an English slash International Relations major. I’m doing alright in the International Relations part since all I’m doing is taking the pre-requisites for it. English? Not so hot. I want A’s. I can’t seem to get A’s. It frustrates me. People have told me to STFU and be happy because it’s a good grade. But it’s something I know I’m good at but can’t seem to be good at it NOW.

Why? Writer’s block. I’ve figured this out today. I need to write more. Creatively and blogging-ly. Which is why I’m just going to be writing like a madwoman starting today.

I blame my inner over-achiever that is never satisfied for this. But, I really want an A in my English classes. That is all.