hi.eina (in__conspicuous) wrote,

Crossposting Sticky

As of August 16, 2007, all my Antipatica entries will be cross-posted to this LiveJournal blog. Why? I have no intentions of leaving my LJ, that's all. Those entries will have disabled commenting, by the way. Feel free to read them and leave my a comment over at my domain/blog/wtvr.

With that being said, I declare this Livejournal selectively-public. Only crossposted entries will be public and the ones typed directly from LJ will still be friends-only.

Feel free to tell me if I'm spamming your flist way too much with the crossposts, lmao.

  • Hagaren (Like I'd forget.)
  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (mmm...been too lazy @_@)
  • xxxHolic (see above.)
  • Ga Rei (see Entropy for more updates.)
Tags: sticky
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